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Products and Services

List of services provided by Metcon dndt

1. Providing NDT test services of

Drill pipe inspection

Signals and Interpretation

Eddy Current Testing of Crane Components

Thermography Inspection

Load testing

2. Providing engineering services of

Design engineering services
Structural analysis and FEA

Finite Element analysis of skids

3. Providing training, test and cortication of personnel to ASNT Level 1 and 2 in the subject of

We have conducted more than 50 trainings and having trained and certified more than 400 personnel with specialisation in magnetic particle and eddy current inspection.

We provide quality training in the field of- Ultrasonic testing.

Flaw detection - welds and drill pipes.

Thickness gauging

Eddy current testing.

Weld inspection & condenser tubes inspection

Infra red thermography.

Pumps, Electrical & building

Magnetic Particle Testing-

Yoke method/ coil/ central conductor method.

Liquid Penetrant Testing

Red dye method / Flourescent method

Visual testing

corrosion/ welds.

4. Making test standards for NDT

inspection per ASTM, API and
DS 1 standards.